The Making of a Rancher Jack F Kirkeby


Published: July 7th 2015



The Making of a Rancher  by  Jack F Kirkeby

The Making of a Rancher by Jack F Kirkeby
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“Richard Bentley, just over nine years old, studied the face of his father. There was a peaceful look about this face, eyes closed, never to open again, or to smile at the son he loved so much.” That moment changed the life of Richard Bentley and would soon set him on a course from his unhappy home in Scotland to the western United States, looking for his uncle who owned a ranch in Wyoming.

In this prequel to Death on Portal Mesa, the author paints vivid images of the life facing a stubborn teenager who goes looking for a better life and who eventually finds it in sweeping and demanding landscapes of rural Wyoming. But before he reaches Wyoming, the teenager will face many challenges on the road from Scotland to Liverpool hoping for an ocean crossing west. “…It was a long lonely road he was on.

Hamlets and farms alike were scattered and far apart. It was late that first day when he came upon a small farming town. Dusk had fallen, and there was a chilly breeze out. Tiny lights beckoned to the weary traveler. He quickened his pace, and soon came to the edge of town. Looking down the street he saw the only sign of life coming from a building on his left, its low profile standing out from its neighbors.

As he drew near he heard laughter And a clutter of voices. He stepped inside….”

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